Images of me...

Matt Pike wandering the  Flat Irons

Up on the Flat Irons... Sure is nice wandering around in Boulder!  

Matt Valley Home  in Conifer, Colorado

Down in a valley in Conifer, where I grew up. As a kid, I planned to live in a shelter I was building down by the stream- I stll think it could have worked...  
Matt Pike in Colorado Top of the rocks near where I grew up. I named this place "Arborlon" since it reminded me of the Elven city in Elfstones of Shanara.  
Matt Pike in my Kilt

For better or worse, here's a shot of me in my kilt at my friends' wedding.

Reminds me of a theory of mine... That part in Braveheart where Mel Gibson is being tortured and screams "Freeeeeeeeeeddd-ooooooooommmmmm.....", everyone thinks he's making some lofty comment on the socio-political situation in Scotland. I think he's drawing attention to the problem with pants...

Matt Pike in studio Me chillin' in my studio as it used to be... Click here for more about my music.  
Pike's Studio Studio gear picture... I've since had to sell some of this gear (for rent, food and such) and replaced some of the rest of it.  
Matt Pike's Music Studio Another studio pic, had the whole 360-degree-surround-thing going...  
Uh... me during my demonic possession?(It got better...)  

7/3/19: I am thrilled to have accepted a position as an Instructor at the University of Colorado at Denver! I was extremely impressed by the students and community when last I was there, and am excited to be returning to now teach all the core classes for the UCD Philosophy of Science Minor!

5/6/16: I'm honored to be the first person to receive both the CU Boulder Philosophy Department Morriston Teaching Award (2016) and the University of Colorado-Boulder Graduate Teaching Excellence Award (2014-2015)! My thanks go out to the many great teachers and students with whom I've been lucky enough to learn!

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