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Welcome to the homepage of the not-quite-famous philosopher Matthew Pike (1978-?)! Who am I? Well, in brief, I am a guy from Colorado who is currently working towards a Ph.D. in philosophy at the University of Colorado. Philosophy is the only discipline that serves to unite everything- all subjects, all possibilities, and all areas of experience into one realm of discourse, and is therefore, in my humble opinion, the greatest sphere of study. I am also a musician (or at least used to be, my current abilities may make the application of this label questionable), and spend a lot of time hiking, camping, and doing other things outdoors. For more about me, see my bio.

About this website

This site is intended to be a forum for discussing all of the various philosophy papers I have written in my journey, both earning a B.A. degree in philosophy at the University of Colorado, Denver and now currently in graduate school at the University of Colorado, Boulder. It is also intended to be a place for me to put the (seemingly) random electronic files that I want to make available, but for which I do not have a specific destination. Feel free to look around, read some papers, drop me a note. If you are a student, go to my Courses/Teaching section for info on classes as well as resources you may find helpful.

8/20/15: Time for the new semester! Materials for PHIL1000 Fall 2015 are posted in the Courses/Teaching section.

4/26/15: I'm honored to have received the the University of Colorado 2014-2015 Graduate Student Teaching Excellence Award! My thanks go out to the many great teachers and students with whom I've been lucky enough to learn!

Office Hours: T, TH 2pm-3:15pm
Location: Buchanan’s Coffee on the Hill.

Please feel free to drop by with any questions, or simply to chat about philosophy, life, the universe and everything...

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