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Welcome to the homepage of the not-quite-famous philosopher Matthew Pike (1978-?)! Who am I? Well, in brief, I am a guy from Colorado who is currently working towards a Ph.D. in philosophy at the University of Colorado. Philosophy is the only discipline that serves to unite everything- all subjects, all possibilities, and all areas of experience into one realm of discourse, and is therefore, in my humble opinion, the greatest sphere of study. I am also a musician (or at least used to be, my current abilities may make the application of this label questionable), and spend a lot of time hiking, camping, and doing other things outdoors. For more about me, see my bio.

About this website

This site is intended to be a forum for discussing all of the various philosophy papers I have written in my journey, both earning a B.A. degree in philosophy at the University of Colorado, Denver and now currently in graduate school at the University of Colorado, Boulder. It is also intended to be a place for me to put the (seemingly) random electronic files that I want to make available, but for which I do not have a specific destination. Feel free to look around, read some papers, drop me a note. If you are a student, go to my Courses/Teaching section for info on classes as well as resources you may find helpful.

8/22/14: Time for the new semester! Materials for PHIL2200 Fall 2014 are posted in the Courses/Teaching section.

Summer 2013: I'm honored to have been selected as the 2013-2014 Lead Graduate Teacher in the Philosophy Department, and to have received the "Best Should Teach" Silver Teaching Excellence Award. Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen!

Office Hours: Next Semester's Office Hours TBA
Location: Buchanan’s Coffee on the Hill.

Please feel free to drop by with any questions, or simply to chat about philosophy, life, the universe and everything...

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